How to Encourage Your Child’s Sense of Humor

Humor is something children can create that fosters a relaxed and playful climate in which further creativity is more likely to occur. Humor and play are closely linked, so a home with plenty of humor and play will be filled with smiles and laughter of happy children. 

Children have a lot of pressure to behave, perform academically, and meet the high expectations of others. But when they have the opportunity to have unstructured playtime, children can let their creativity and imagination soar!

Check out a few tips to help the giggles flow. 

  1. Create a warm, supportive home environmentA child who feels like they can be their true, silly self will have the confidence to risk being silly. 
  2. Be playful with your child

Physical comedy is especially popular with young children. For example- odd timing, peculiar body language, gestures, facial expressions. As children begin experimenting with and mastering language, verbal play is always hilarious. Encourage imagination and pretend play, curiosity, ideas, and originality.

  1. Boost your child’s self-esteem

Build up your child’s self-esteem in all aspects of their life. A child with low self-esteem will not feel confident in creating humor. 

  1. Help your child become aware of the needs, wishes, and pleasures of other children. To entertain their peers, a child has to understand their mindset and mood and be able to move in tune with their audience. When we help a child learn to solve problems with others by listening, explaining, negotiating, and acting on the solution they’ve agreed to, we’re working on the foundation essential for a sense of humor.
  2. Let your child laugh at you. 

Make silly mistakes to give your child a chuckle and giggle along too.

Laughter is good for the soul and the ability to appreciate good, healthy humor enriches a child’s life in many ways. Encourage your child to be silly and let the belly laughs begin!

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