Serving the Wooster Community with Morning, After School + Summer Programs.

Our Mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Homework Help + Fun Activities

 Meals + Snacks Provided After School

Safe, Fun Environment with Supportive Relationships

As a parent, getting the support you need can be difficult.


There are approximately 20 to 25 hours per week that children are out of school while many parents are at work, creating an “after-school gap.”


The demand for afterschool programs is strong, with nearly 10.2 million children and youth who participate in afterschool programs annually.


Teens who do not participate in afterschool programs are nearly three times more likely to skip classes at school than teens who do participate. They are three times more likely to use marijuana or other drugs, and also more likely to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and engage in sexual activity than teens not in afterschool programs.

Our club staff, facilities, programs and age-appropriate settings create stability and a sense of physical and emotional safety for members. The Club provides structure and clearly defines acceptable behaviors.

Join Our Program + Give Your Youth a Safe, Fun Space to Grow.


We provide a place for young people to learn, play and grow. Games, activities and peer interactions keep the atmosphere fun and light. Educational games and group activities help make learning fun.

Supportive Relationships

Club youth develop meaningful relationships with peers and adults. Staff members actively cultivate such relationships to ensure that every member feels connected to one or more peer adults, as well as peers.

Opportunities + Expectations

Club youth acquire physical, social, technological, artistic and life skills. Staff members establish and reinforce high expectations and help young people do well in school.


Morning Program

We provide a safe place and fun activities to start each day.

After School Program

Open every school day starting at dismissal, we provide homework help, meals and snacks, and fun activities.

Summer Program

A wide range of fun, age appropriate activities, along with breakfast and lunch provided.

Ready to Sign Up for a Club?

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Choose the morning, after school or summer program.

2. Submit forms

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3. Receive Confirmation

We’ll let you know we’ve received your submission.

With your investment, you will help us continue to serve the increased number of youth participating in our programs.

Due to many unfortunate circumstances related to COVID-19, we lost over 25% of our operating revenue.

However, Boys & Girls Club of Wooster still has a lot of fight left for our kids and for our community. We are fierce advocates for our youth.

Our fight is to make sure every kid feels safe, connected, and has a sense of belonging.

We’re Committed to Providing a Safe, Fun, Inclusive Environment for our Community.

Boys & Girls Club of Wooster is committed to an all-inclusive, nurturing environment in all of its activities. We condemn any form of racism or discrimination, and we advocate for all youth to have equal opportunities. We also encourage young people to harness the power of their voice.

As a branch of Boys & Girls Club of America, we seek to provide for the future of our nation’s children. We stand against intolerance and condemn all acts of hate or violence. We stand for safety, health, dignity, and equal access. Together, we must listen and take action to ensure a future that enables the young people who count on us to flourish.

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