Why Every Kid Needs a Positive Role Model

Navigating the developmental years is a challenge for all youth. Teens will limit themselves because of the situation they were born into, self-doubt, and due to not having anyone positive to aspire to be like. By having a positive role model, youth and teens will deepen their interest in leadership, broaden their views of growth and freedom, and give direction for meeting their goals in life. 

Youth Will Realize What They’re Capable of

Having a mentor will help youth understand that they are not limited to the glass ceiling that has been set for them. No matter the background, socioeconomic status, or education level of their family, they will benefit from having that positive figure to look to as a guide. Suddenly, they will see that the world is much larger and there are many more opportunities available to them. Once they start thinking in a growth mindset, nothing will stop them from reaching their goals!

Creates Consistency and Challenge

In some situations, consistency may be lacking in their life. Having a role model that is always going to show up, for accomplishments and the hard times, will create confidence like no other. Everyone wants to know they have someone on their side no matter what the situation. By having this consistent figure, they will build a strong trusting relationship and begin to build confidence. 

What Does Mentorship Look Like?

Having a positive role model will look different for each teen that attends the Club. They are unique and we will celebrate these differences. We will take the time to get to know who they are, what they are going through, and how to open their eyes to the potential of what their future can look like. A strong positive role model will be built on communication, trust, and consistency. Teens will start to see themselves in their role models and understand their own potential.

At Boys & Girls Club of Wooster, we strive to provide acceptance and support for each of our members. They will feel comfortable making mistakes and receiving guidance from their trusted role models. We allow them to walk their own path and not be afraid of making mistakes and learning from them. By having a role model, they will understand that the journey is not always perfect. Even our mentors have made mistakes and that failure is a necessary part of success in life. Teens will learn honesty and openness and will challenge themselves to see out new experiences. 


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